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What are our Principles?

At the core of how we deliver value are eight principles we strive to embody.

Be Open

We believe that we must embody the Open Organization, both in solution development, and in solution delivery. The stated characteristics of the Open Organiation are Transparency, Inclusivity, Adaptability, Collaoration, and Community.

Customer Needs First

We prioritise what the customer needs and discover those needs through research and experimentation in order to deliver a tailored and transformative approach to solving them.

Embrace Complexity

We believe that organizations are complex systems. WE optimize for the whole. We must not work with individual parts in isolation, but instead optimize the interactions between the parts. We acknowledge that in order to improve complex systems, probe, sense, and respond.

Principles over Practices

We believe that practices and activities are ways to apply deep and meaningful principles and that understanding why we do them is crucial in order to succeed.

Agility over Agile

We believe and follow the Agile values and principles enabling organization agility, which means their ablity to adapt quickly to market changes both internally and externally. Achieving Business Agility is more than “doing agile”.

We drink our Champagne

We embrace, use, and experiment internally the values, principles, activies, and tools that we sell. Because we truly believe in them and it is a way to make sure they work. Hence, if we sell Champagne, we drink it.

NO recipes

We believe that every customer is unique; and therefore, we must customize our approach to transformation for each client’s particular needs. We acknowledge that transformation is a journey, not a plan or a destination.

Think BIG, start small, and iterate

We believe that every big journey starts with a step and it is sometimes the hardest one. We look for making this step as easy as possible to take with a big part of the organization and create momentum from there.