Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

The inner workings of a global open innovation team

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How We Work

Team First

We believe the team is the engine driving better outcomes. We aim to foster long-lived teams of people committed to each other, and able to work together in psychological safety. Making sure teams have diverse skill sets is important, but the key structure of our teams is to account for 3 aspects to product value creation.

  • Desireability - focus is ensuring what is being built produces value to the users
  • Feasibility - focus is ensuring what is being built is possible and done the appropriate way
  • Viability - focus is ensuring what is being built creates a positive outcome to the business

We believe teams are most effective when they are empowered to focus on delivering tangible value for real people, and involved in the decision making of what to build, and why to build it, not just how to build it, by when.

Take a team first approach to the work and Start with “Why?”.

Open Practice Library

We both draw inspiration from, and contribute to the Open Practice Library.

The Open Practice Library is an open source, community-driven inspired library of best practices and tools. It helps individuals, teams and entire businesses figure out the optimal ways to get to the best outcome.

We continually sequence and resequence practices from our individual experiences and the Open Practice Library to achieve the desired outcomes. While adapting to the situation we find ourselves in, we do look to follow a typical model of:

  • Creating a strong foundation (people culture and technical culture)
  • Generating shared understanding through discovery of the work and why
  • Identifying relative importance and focus on what to accomplish first
  • Execution towards our objective(s).
  • Measuring and Learning how far we got regarding progress towards our objective(s)